EU Projects:

ERC Grant:

  • "MolArt" (Surface-Confined Metallosupramolecular Architecture: Towards a Novel Coordination Chemistry for the Design of Functional Nanosystems)
  • "NanoSurfs" (Nanostructured Surfaces: Molecular Functionality on advanced Sp2-bonded substrates)


  • "Nanolanta"(Nanoengineering of functional lanthanide tetrapyrrole)
  • "Nasumeca" (NAnoscience with SUrface MEtal Carbenes)
  • "Nanoulop" (Nano-Architectures for Ultrafast Optoelectronics)
  • "SiliNano" (Silicene, a new material for nanoelectrics)

 DFG Projects:

  • Hochvalente Metall-Tetrapyrrole für Oberflächengestütze Katalyse
  • Exploring the RIDEr ligation at supported PORPHyrins using a combined theory and experiment atomic-scale approach_RIDEPORPH